10 Reasons to Get Up & Move

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10 Reasons to Get Up and Move

1. Bye-Bye Clogged Arteries:
Prepare your body to be at it’s best and fight heart disease with some good quality movement in your day.  Sitting 4 hours or more increases heart attack risk 125% as blood flow slows and cholesterol clogs the arteries. Movement and exercise, including  walking up to 30 minutes per day (combined or intermittently), can significantly impact your health.  Set a timer about every 30 min. and get up and move baby move. (Stats taken from  Mayo Clinic – Sitting FAQ)

2. Hello Stronger Spine:
A wise chiropractor once told me, “sitting is as damaging to the spine as sugar is to the teeth.”  Sitting increases risk for muscle degeneration and disc herniation. Your spine will thank you for 5-8 minute breaks of doing postural, strengthening, and stretching exercises. We take the time to eat and nourish our body.  Our spine needs nourishment too in the form of movement. Set your alarm every 20-30 minutes and take a well deserved nourishment break for your spine.  There are many ways to get up and move like pacing or walking when on phone calls. Parking far from the door to the store or use a standing computer desk.  I recommend one with an elbow rest or one that is adjustable to your height so that you can sit or stand when needed.

3. Improve Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion:
Movement, stretching, and strengthening exercises of the hips, spine, and upper legs are important if you find yourself sitting for long periods of time. Sitting will shorten muscles of the hips and back. The front hip flexor muscles (Psoas and Quadriceps) shorten and pull on the front portion of the lower spine causing low back discomfort. The hamstrings along the back of the legs, cross the knee and the hip joint, and will shorten from being in bent knee position for long periods. In conjunction, the buttocks (gluteal) muscles; the powerhouse muscles of the core will turn off (gluteal amnesia), thus leading to dysfunction. This will most often lead to symptoms related to sciatica or abnormal knee-cap tracking (Chondromylacia – runners knee).

4. Burn Baby Burn: Fat Metabolism:
Sitting decreases fat burning potential and decreases the bodies caloric need. Not to mention, and  increased risk for Metabolic Syndrome and Type II Diabetes. Metabolism is a process of breaking down (catabolism) and building up (anabolism). When we move, challenge the body, and eat better our body becomes more efficient in both breakdown and build up phases. Muscle loss, on the other hand, decreases your overall energy need at rest (catabolism). Muscle cells are the powerhouse furnaces of the body. They are produced when a load is put on the cell, it is broken down (catabolism), and in preparation for future activity, the body will build the muscle back up (anabolism). This adaptation allows us to perform with strength in our everyday activities. If we do not apply an increased load on the muscle our workouts seem to get easier over time. The more muscle we create, the more strength we gain, the energy needed to sustain that muscle increases, and the higher amount of energy we burn at rest. This is why individuals with more muscle mass get to eat more food. You move more, you get to eat more, you get to move more, you get to have a couple more splurge meals, and the lovely energizing cycle continues.
5. Decrease Risk for Falling:
Our best muscle gain happens before the age 30 and then we naturally start to lose muscle mass and function. In medical terms this is called Age Related Sarcopenia; a fancy name for muscle loss. Sarcopenia can be one of the primary reason for falls and fractures as we age. The less we move the more muscle mass we lose. According to WebMD, article on Sarcopenia,  “People who are physically inactive can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass per decade after age 30.” Even those that are active still lose muscle mass related to aging. Core and leg exercises are a great way to prevent your risk for falling. Are you convinced to start moving yet?

6. Improve Circulation:
Movement helps increase circulation to all our cells. Circulation is how all our vital nutrients and oxygen are transported throughout the body. Our cells depend on it. When we exercise regularly this improves our cardio respiratory systems, which means we get what we need to the cells more efficiently, and our body will function better overall.  This includes better fat metabolism.  Plus, if you have had a history of being cold, better circulation can help to warm you up. Our muscles are what make our body move and as we use them they generate heat. Heat also produces sweat a great way to remove salts and toxins from the body. If you want to warm up on a cold day at home or in the office get moving. Make sure to drink electrolyte water if you sweat for more than a 30 minute period. Just make sure to watch those sugar filled sports drinks. For more info on increasing blood circulation go to this article at LiveStrong.com.
7. Create Healthy Bathroom Habits: Improved Transit Time
Yes, that’s right! Getting up and exercising increases the speed the food you eat will move through you. I chuckle to myself every time my 88-year-old grandma get’s off her recumbent bike and tells me “I’ll be right back, I’m going to use the bathroom”.  She is like clockwork. Pilates Core training by itself has a massaging effect on the internal organs and intestines. There is a massaging effect to the intestines as the abdominal and back muscle contract and twist.  It is recommended in some cleansing programs specifically the “ Fresh Start Cleanse” program to include Pilates or yoga to improve transit time and cleanse the system.

8. It Can Bring you Bliss:
When we exercise it releases feel good hormones and compounds into the blood that can provide a feeling of euphoria and happiness. Exercise has a profound affect on mood especially minimizing the feelings of anxiety. When we exercise outdoors, specifically in nature, it can create great feelings of bliss.  It has been found that exercise is a natural way to help those suffering from depression or food addiction. We find essential oils are also natural ways for helping those ease stress and anxiety in conjunction with exercise.  We recommend doTERRA as our brand of choice for pure and high quality therapeutic essential oil. For more information on essential oils and mood see this article at Dr.Mercola.com.

9. Decrease Stress:
Think of how great it would feel to have energy and vitality from living a life of well managed stress. Movement can actually help decrease stress.   Exercise for mood elevation and stress relief can really improve the function of the body overall and enhance your life.  Emotional & environmental stress can build up within the body causing muscle tension, imbalance in energy, and can often cause dis-ease. During mankind’s primitive existence, they would hunt and be hunted. When there was an external stress (fear of death or harm), the human would run or fight, both provided a release of energy. In our present culture we do not release this energy effectively and so it is no wonder why stress will build up within the body and cause stress and dis-ease; lack of ease that can be brought back into balance through positive wellness practice.
10. Fight off Flabby Buttocks Disease:
This is only a disease brought into being by our clients through self-diagnosis. Our tooshy (aka. Gluteals), are an important part of our core musculature. Strong glutes support our pelvis and spine in movement and they are some of the strongest muscles in the body. When we sit, we lose that muscle, leaving us with a sagging, unattractive, and flabby bottom. Not to mention, the risk for injuries, as pointed out above. Perk those booties up with some gluteal exercises that will not only firm and lift the buttocks but also improve body function.




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