5 Safe Ways to Cleanse: Achieving Optimal Health and Weight Loss



You might have heard someone say, “I’m on a cleanse”. Cleansing is all over the media circuit.  Stars are doing it, “The Doctors” are talking about it, and it often comes up in conversation.  Cleansing and detoxing is a hot topic and it has most likely brought up quite a few questions for you like “why, what, and how should I cleanse?”

There are several benefits to cleanse. I like to think of it as a reboot or priming of the system; mind and body.  It reduces and even removes toxicity and rebuilds the body towards optimal health.  Toxic loads are coming at us from all directions.  What we put on our skin, breath, and consume becomes us.  Disease and cellular dysfunction occur from foreign substances found in our processed foods, preservatives, pesticides, and antibiotics. This often leads to lack in energy, weight gain, and other symptoms of poor health.

Improving the body function while removing processed foods and toxic loads to the body through healthy cleansing produces benefits that include a boost of energy, improved focus, clarity, digestions, decreased cravings for sugars and fats and increased craving for veggies and fruits, a kick-started weight loss, and more.  Overall individuals experience a better sense of wellbeing which is very motivational and creates improvements in others areas of life.

All cleansing programs are not created equal.  The Mayo Clinic warns against detox diets,  “Detox diets that severely limit protein or that require fasting, for example, can result in fatigue. Long-term fasting can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies.” It is important to choose your cleanse wisely. There are many cleanse programs out there and it is important to do your homework and choose a healthy cleanse.

Consider your reason for starting your cleanse.  Starting a cleanse for weight loss alone is not recommended.  Cleansing should give you a fresh jump start to healthy living and a way to improve function and support you to better health.

Elimination of processed foods is a great place to start and it is recommended to avoid a cleanse if you are pregnant or nursing and always get the “OK” from you doctor and review the cleanse with them before jumping into a cleansing program. Several things to consider include length of time and five other key elements.  A cleanse that limits protein should only happen for a short period of time and give specific instructions for what to do if you experience low blood sugar.  A strict elimination cleanse, meaning you are removing all  should be 4-7 days and then start to rebuild.  Th include the following elements:

 5 Elements of a Healthy Cleanse

  1. Live FOODS
  2. Quality Cleanse SUPPLEMENTS
  3. Optimal FLUID Intake
  4. Adequate REST
  5. Moderate EXERCISE

Safe systems REMOVE: Our body has daily exposure to substances that impair its ability to function optimally. Remove foods and lifestyle practices that have contributed to diminishing your body’s ability to function at its highest level.

Effective systems REPLACE: Cleansing should replace nutrient poor foods with nutrient dense, living, and pesticide free foods. These foods have the enzymes that help to break down nutrients for absorption. Benefits resulting are a boost in energy, craving vegetables & fruits, better focus & clarity, weight loss, & more.

A successful step in beginning to RESTORE your sense of well-being.

Successful systems REBUILD: A successful system teaches principles to rebuild your body’s health from survive to thrive. It should give you a system to continue forward and develop a way to eat and live for long-term health and vitality.

To learn more about the cleanse programs we value at EverFit contact us today and we will support you in your first steps of optimal health. 

Author Beth Rzendzian the owner of EverFit Personal Training in Brighton Michigan, Brighton’s premier fitness and fat loss expert.  She is degreed in Kinesiology/Exercise Science, certified personal trainer, wellness coach, and empowerment expert.  If you’re ready to begin your fat loss journey please call 810-225-4529 right now to receive a complimentary fitness Consultation (valued at $79).


Information taken from Fresh Start Cleanse Program. All rights reserved ©2016 North Star Ventures, LLC.  

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