About Us

About Us

EverFit is under transition to operating under the name No But’s Too Big!

You know those excuses you make:

“I would exercise, but… I would lose weight, but…. I would love to fit in my old jeans, but….” But, But, But.

When it comes to becoming strong in mind, body, and spirit, we believe there are NO excuses. We want you to get your “but” out of your head and be lifted up and accountable for your success in health and life.

Here at No But’s Too Big, we offer Personal and Semi-Private training programs including our signature FemFit Group Training along with Aerial Fit – Yoga Elevated classes.

We want you to learn what it is to connect with your body from the food you eat to the exercises you perform and that’ why we are a “form based” training studio. Whether you are ready to exercise, improve your nutrition, or focus on both for stellar results you can focus on both – Ask about 30 days to healthy living. It’s a wonderful start to learning to beautify your body from the inside out.

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Meet Your Trainer

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Hi, I’m Beth Rzendzian Owner and Personal Trainer of EverFit Personal training.


“It is my personal passion and desire to help each client find clarity in what his or her true desires are, develop a plan that works for them, overcome obstacles, and create success organically, with as little resistance as possible. Physical fitness is a great place to start when it comes to success and happiness in life and accomplishing goals in this domain helps set the foundation creating so much empowerment so the client can accomplish anything he/she desires.”

In 2008, Beth Rzendzian became the sole owner and operator of EverFit Personal Training working full time as a coach in several gyms and private sessions in people’s homes.   She began with a desire to help people’s bodies move better and inspire people to live healthy, balanced, and fit lives.  What came next was a journey of experiences that have lead her to take the lead and become founder of EverFit Training Studio located at the Green Oak Village Place Mall in Brighton, open in May 2014.

Beth’s Fitness Specialities

Beth developed a fond appreciation for physical therapy practices and exercise correction from her early experiences in sports and specifically a knee ligament tare and surgery.  This experience led her to a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

“I have always had such a respect and have been in awe in regards to how the body functions. From the food that we eat, to how the body systems adapt to exercise, and how we develop imbalance in muscle function, recover from injury, and overcome physical limitations has always amazed me.”

It is in that amazement that the desire to learn more, enhance her practice as a well-educated, intuitive, fitness expert that EverFit Personal Training was born.

Since her graduation with her degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from MSU,  in 2005, Beth has gained invaluable knowledge from training hundreds of people and most with some type of physical limitation.  Beth says

“It can be challenging, however, it is so gratifying helping people realize they can still live fit lives even though they have aches and pains or are recovering from injury.”

She is proud to have developed such a vast knowledge in fitness principles over the course of her education. Since her degree she has acquired national certification as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Certification. She has also been trained in, Transformation Empowerment  process,  from Point B Living, ariel yoga techniques, and Red Cord Suspension Training.

“It is my deepest desire and goal to lead EverFit and it’s team in creation of a health and fitness community that reaches far beyond the studio. EverFit will have a profound impact on the obesity epidemic while also helping people’s bodies function with ease, and to help people enhance their personal happiness and wellbeing.”

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your personal health, fitness, and life success!

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