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Add It Up To Gain The Motivation You Need

Even for some of the most dedicated athletes, sticking with an exercise routine can be tough. It’s often a daily battle that demands a steady stream of motivation to keep going.

If it’s time to get into a fitness and weight loss program that will produce lasting results, there are some great tips and tricks that can be used to keep personal motivation high. One of the best tips is to make sure that results are duly noted. After all, seeing is believing.



Keeping Track

Remember, results from exercise and weight loss plans don’t show up overnight. It can take weeks and months to see significant gains. It’s often best to track the little gains so results can be noted. Even the loss of a pound or two, for example, can show positive, forward progression. This, in turn, can provide the motivation necessary to keep going to see the “big” results most people are after.

So, what things should be tracked to keep motivation high? Here are a few things to consider measuring every four weeks:

  • Waist size – Just measure the waist before starting a workout and weight loss plan and then track results about once every four weeks. This number is a great one to track since results are likely to be fairly noticeable in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Body fat percentage – Work with a trainer or doctor to measure body fat percentage and keep track of it on a monthly basis. Remember, weight might not be the best measure to keep track of if strength training is also part of the plan. Muscle does weigh more than fat. As muscle develops, fat is likely to be reduced, but weight may technically go up.
  • Bench press amount – Keeping track of how much can be accomplished in a workout is also a great way to see real progress. Pay attention to the weight that’s comfortable to lift and the number of reps that are possible. This can serve as an everyday motivator as small gains are made. Other things to consider in this vein include improvements in endurance, speed, flexibility and so on. Anything that can have a mini-goal set to it that’s realistic, measurable and reachable, can deliver the motivation necessary to help keep a fitness program on track.
  • Amount of Push Ups in One Minute – Some EverFit clients can only do two or three push ups when they start training, keeping track of how many push ups can be a good measure of muscular endurance and strength gains.   Push ups can progress from elevated on a bench or chair, to modified knee push ups, to toe push ups, then decline push ups with feet elevated.   All are great ways to challenge all the muscles of the upper body and track progress for continued motivation.

Fitness and weight loss plans don’t typically produce overnight results. When the desire is to enjoy lasting change in fitness levels, the progress can be slow, but steady. Tracking smaller results is a great way to keep motivation levels high so the big goals can be met.

EverFit includes a full evaluation of body composition and physical fitness.  It is easier and more accurate to have a health care professional  complete body measurements and follow guidelines for exercise testing.

Contact us today for your full comprehensive evaluation.

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