Is Aerial Yoga for Me?

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Aerial is an amazing session full of playful poses, stretching, strengthening, and relaxation.  It is a workout unlike any other and most individuals love the change in pace from the typical workout as it conditions the entire body.


This session is supporting you in the silk the entire time with the assistance of a hammock compared to the aerial aerobatics where the body is used with the silk to climb, wrap, and support different moves.  There is always a connection at the bottom of the silk “the hammock” that is ready to catch you so the poses although challenging tend to also be therapeutic with inversions and stretching poses.


This an energizing session and different as it includes inversion that individuals do not typically do in their everyday life.  These movements are incredibly therapeutic for the spine, increased flexibility, and range of motion.

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  • Increased flexibility, balance, and body alignment
  • Conditioning and increased muscle tone
  • Build strength and body awareness
  • Decompress the spine through inversions
  • Sense of fun, playfulness, freedom, and confidence
  • Complete relaxation

Is Aerial Fitness the right session for me??

There are some considerations to make before joining our sessions.

Qualifying for aerial sessions at EverFit Training Studio, one must be able to hold a full plank for 30 seconds, have little to no shoulder limitations, spinal stenosis, arthritis in the bones of the spine, or glaucoma.

Motion Sickness: There is swinging that happens in our sessions.  We take some fly time which involves movements where we swing back and forth on the swing so individuals with a history of  motion sickness tend to have issues with this type of workout.  Some of our clients do take a ginger chew and avoid eating before session to avoid being nauseous during workouts.

Inversion Euphoria:   Some individuals experience nauseousness the first couple times when they invert because of the body being upside down.  Blood will move from the legs to the abdomen and to the head and can cause a feeling of sickness, pressure, and euphoria.  Most people love the feeling, for others it has some getting used to.  This goes away typically within the first couple sessions as the body adapts.  We recommend not eating within 45 minutes of session.

Increase Range of Motion of the Spine:  Aerial typically is gentle on the body and the inversions help to lengthen the spinal muscles and create decompression.  Many of our clients chiropractors said their patients had better movement in areas that were compressed and “locked down” and had better chiropractic adjustments after joining our sessions.  If you have a history of glaucoma, pregnancy (yin okay), herniated disc, spinal stinosis, and/or arthritis in the joints of the spine this could be aggravated during these movements. We typically tell people to exercise caution and listen to the body during each session.

Arthritis in the hands:  Aerial Fitness uses a lot of hand strength and gripping throughout the entire workout.   Aggravation to joints can occur due to arthritis. We recommend garden gloves with rubber grips for this workout to keep the hands from over gripping the silk and it helps in building confidence.

Uncomfortable being in enclosed spaces: There are a couple of points in which you might be enclosed in the silk during the session especially Cocoon meditation.  If you have extreme fear of encloses spaces this might be a tough session for you.  If it is mild most individuals do just fine.  There are ways of managing this anxiousness during the session.  We recommend keeping your head out of the silk and always seeing an opening during these sessions so you can see the world around you.


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