Alisa Shakespear – Breaking Limits – Personal Training in Brighton

Alisa Shakespear is breaking limits  for woman strength training over 50.

She is full of life, strength, and vitality and has big goals for herself over the next 2 years.

Read and watch her bust out a pull up and testimony below!

“I would recommend Everfit to anyone that is hoping not only get into shape or improve their current fitness levels but also to anyone that is just interested in being the best/healthiest person they can be. Everfit provides an amazing environment (private, small and personal) for you to grow in all aspects of health. I would highly recommend the trainers at Everfit!”  Alisa S.



  1. What was your biggest struggle, limiting belief, or problem you suffered from prior to your work with EverFit Training Studio?

“I would say my biggest struggle was that I was putting in the time and effort but not seeing results. After I started working with Everfit (Beth) I could see that I was not lifting with the proper form causing my body to always feel stiff and sore. Beth has taught me to engage and “feel” the muscles working in order to get the best results. Everfit not only shows you how to improve you overall fitness but they also educate on body function and movement…it’s a super special combination that allows for results without injury!”


  1. How did our trainers & programs solve your problem or amend your belief?

“They showed me the errors I was making on my own. They also help motivate me to spend more time and attention on overall conditioning and health and less focus on how much weight I was lifting. The results for me have been great!”

  1. What was the best part about the experience you had when you went through our training?

“I like it all! Friendly, nonjudgmental, EXTREMELY knowledgeable and results driven..what’s not to love!”

  1. What have been the 1-3 biggest results or accomplishments you have achieved in your life as a result of your work with EverFit Training Studio?

Much better upper body strength. Reduction in overall body fat composition. Over all I am more dialed in to body awareness as it relates to my diet and workout routines.



  1. Thanks so much, Erin!

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