Brighton Personal Trainers Explain the Benefits of Cardio Interval Training

Brighton personal trainers know that being efficient at what you do can apply to anything. You get your work done faster at the office when you are efficient. You chores at home are completed earlier if done efficiently. In this article you will learn about the efficiency of cardio interval training.

There are efficiency experts, such as Brighton personal trainers, that can tell you the quickest approach to achieving any goal. Exercising is no different. You can exercise the slow way, risking boredom and angst at the lack of results. Or you can be exercise efficient and use cardio interval training.

On A Schedule

Walking a treadmill day after day at the same rate isn’t just tedious. It has diminishing returns. The body is an amazing system. It is built for survival under any circumstance. When you do the same exercise for an extended period of time, your body begins to act as if it must conserve energy for the long haul.

It goes into something called ‘steady state’ and actually burns fewer calories. Another drawback to doing the same exercise all the time is that you are using the same muscles. That too will result in less and less benefit. The solution is to begin a program consisting of short periods of high intensity called cardio interval training, which Brighton personal trainers  praise because it:

  • Burns more calories
  • Uses muscles at different effort levels
  • Can apply to almost any activity – treadmill, jogging, walking, spinning
  • Rapidly increases heart and lung capacity

Interval training is called such because the routine has intervals of high and low intensity. You begin at a pace where you can maintain a conversation, gradually increase to a level requiring effort and then blast the exercise for a short period of time.

This is followed by a recovery period for approximately 2 minutes. Then do high intensity for 2 minutes again, followed by low intensity. Repeat the intervals for at least 10 minutes. It is easy to see with a routine like this your body never gets complacent.

It must work to accommodate the intensity of the exercising. In this case, survival means your body must find a way to efficiently meet the demands you are making on it. You will burn more fat, increase your heart to the maximum exercise heart rate for your age group and refuse to let your muscles take a rest.  Brighton personal trainers can help you with this.


When you begin cardio interval training, begin at a level that is comfortable. You will still work your body, but it takes time to build to a level where you can do 30 minutes of high intensity cardio if that is your goal. As you progress, begin to reduce the recovery times and expand the high intensity intervals.

Vary the load intensities for steady progress. Also, don’t ever forget to warm-up and cool down before and after a routine. The best route is to use the services of Brighton personal trainers to keep you on an ever-proving timeline Cardio interval training is a program that can benefit anyone!

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