Surpass Your Fitness Plateau with Brighton Personal Training

Brighton personal training can help you to get over the plateau! It is well known that you reach plateaus during fitness training. Weight loss and strength training changes your metabolism, and every now and then, it seems as if you are locked in at a certain level. No matter how hard you diet and exercise, nothing happens.

What many don’t realize is that your body is an amazingly adaptable system that takes the path of least resistance to achieve stasis. It adjusts to your workout level and over time does not have to work as hard to achieve the same results. Brighton personal training can be your guide off the plateau.

The Next Level

Anyone can reach a plateau – the home exerciser or the athlete in training. Finding a good Brighton personal training program can take you to the next fitness level. Offering structured exercise and diet routines, the focus is on determining how to challenge your body.

Muscles will actually get ‘lazy’ when you do the same exercises repeatedly over time. A personal fitness training program is a customized plan to achieve set goals, and to help you learn new exercises to add to your routine.

  • Target specific body parts that have been neglected with your current routine
  • Start new intensive exercises that change your metabolism rate and start burning fat again
  • Make dietary changes to match new calorie requirements to your current level of fitness
  • Design a fitness program that addresses particular sport needs
  • Increase stamina with a more difficult exercise program
  • Develop a long range plan to avoid plateaus in the future

Brighton personal training offers a structured fitness program. Normally, there is a personal fitness coach who acts as your mentor and motivator. You must be dedicated to achieving your goals, because even the best personal trainer cannot force you to do the work!

Reaching the Pinnacle

In mountain climbing, when you reach the pinnacle, you are done. In fitness, the pinnacle is almost never reached. The body is so adaptable; it can always do more or different with practice. The word ‘training” means the acquisition of competencies in particular skill areas.

A Brighton personal training program can assist you to reach competency with any training need. This is important for athletes of any kind. You may be a weekend jogger who likes to run local races who needs to increase endurance. You could be a professional soccer player who needs stronger legs.

You might be a golfer who doesn’t have enough strength in the swing for long drives. A training program overseen by a professional fitness trainer can make all the difference.

  • Understands body movement patterns
  • Has a repertoire of muscle specific exercises
  • Understands how the body burns calories and what foods to eat to achieve maximum performance for any sport
  • Knows how to protect areas that are easily injured, like back or neck

Use a Brighton personal training program to get the most out of your body. Once you reach the top, look around. Isn’t that mountain just a little bit higher over there…?

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