Beat the Battle of the Holiday Bulge – Challenge

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New Years Resolution Checklist

Your Personal New Years Resolution  Checklist Download your Checklist in PDF  Choose your Resolution Goal(s) – Be specific - Be specific.  One of the primary reasons why resolutions fail is because they are a statement not a specific goal.   At EverFit we encourage clients to keep the goals specific.  If your goals is to lose a significant amount of weight then set goals that … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Surviving the Holidays

EVERFIT FACTS: 10 tips to surviving and thriving this holiday!!! The Holidays can be filled with family and friends, love, fun, laughter, and excitement.  Many of us have come to understand that distraction and stress can overwhelm us and cause quite the opposite sending us a path that is far from what we desire. EverFit empowered clients know that a healthy lifestyle and our state of  being … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Prevent Bone Loss

Remember when you were a child and your mom said, "Drink your milk.  It's good for you."?  Immediately following, with a crinkled up nose,  you asked "but why?".   She sighed and responded, "because it's good for your teeth and bones." You know what? She was wise and absolutely correct. The peak years for building your bone density occur before the age of 30. After 30 it is up to us to make … [Read more...]

5 Safe Ways to Cleanse: Achieving Optimal Health and Weight Loss

  You might have heard someone say, “I’m on a cleanse”. Cleansing is all over the media circuit.  Stars are doing it, "The Doctors" are talking about it, and it often comes up in conversation.  Cleansing and detoxing is a hot topic and it has most likely brought up quite a few questions for you like “why, what, and how should I cleanse?" There are several benefits to cleanse. I like to … [Read more...]

EverFit Facts: 5 Ways to Avoid “Text Neck” Syndrome

You might be wondering what exactly is "Text Neck Syndrome"? “TEXT NECK” is a term being used for a common issue that has been occurring with the increased use of technology.  You might be able to identify the look of "text neck" when you see someone looking downward at his/her phone with the head protruding forward and tilted downward.  Depending on the degree of flexion, this action can apply … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Get Up & Move

10 Reasons to Get Up and Move 1. Bye-Bye Clogged Arteries: Prepare your body to be at it's best and fight heart disease with some good quality movement in your day.  Sitting 4 hours or more increases heart attack risk 125% as blood flow slows and cholesterol clogs the arteries. Movement and exercise, including  walking up to 30 minutes per day (combined or intermittently), can significantly … [Read more...]

Experience the Aerial Difference

        Aerial is an amazing session filled with playful poses, stretching, strengthening, and relaxation.  It is a workout unlike any other and most individuals love the change in pace from the typical workout as it conditions the entire body. RESERVE YOUR SILK HERE Aerial Fit Classes Experience the therapeutic, strength, and relaxation that aerial fitness has to offer. … [Read more...]

Free Spring Sampler Series

FREE SPRING SAMPLER SERIES! JOIN THE FUN - LEARN - PARTICIPATE - BRING A FRIEND Every other Saturday starting April 18th 4/18 Mind-Body - 5/2 Cardiovascular - 5/16 Strength Improvement - 5/30 Weight Loss   Time: 10:00PM-11:30PM (1st 3 sessions of series 4/18-5/2) 9:30AM (5/30 last session -  Pared up with our PushUps for Charity Event starts at … [Read more...]

3/17/15- Golf Clinic – Get Your Swing Ready for Spring EverFit Personal Training in Brighton

  Golf Clinic Back by Popular Demand at our NEW STUDIO LOCATION! TUESDAYS -  Starts MARCH 17th - 6 Classes 7:00PM and 8:30PM MAKE THIS SEASON YOUR BEST ONE YET!     Testimonial: I have gone for the past 3 years. This is a great clinic, combining warm-up exercises before golfing, fitness exercises to improve your overall strength and conditioning, plus  golf lessons.  I … [Read more...]

EverFit In The News

  EverFit leads clients on healthy path Livingston Daily Press & Argus Mike Lammi - 10:02 p.m. EDT September 21, 2014 Beth Rzendzian has been always been interested in fitness and the human body. The Howell High School graduate earned a degree in kinesiology from Michigan State University and launched EverFit several years ago, working with local gyms and providing in-home … [Read more...]


Come join us at our Grand Opening Celebration SEPT 26th and 27th   RIBBON CUTTING SEPT 26th We are raising up our glasses in celebration as the Brighton Chamber of Commerce and EverFit officially launch the opening of  EverFit Training Studio with a ribbon cutting!  I invite all of our colleagues, friends, and family to sip champagne with us as we give gratitude to all the great … [Read more...]

EverFit has Moved! New Location Opening May 2014

We are excited to announce that EverFit has developed an amazing team and is opening the week of May 19th to it's BRAND NEW LOCATION 9835 Village Place Blv Brighton Mi 48116   Be ready for stellar programs in Weight Loss, Performance and Function, and Wellness, including our HydroMassage Spa open to the public!! Here's a sneak peak at the build out process! I received my key March … [Read more...]

Reality Check – Are you living in a destructive reality?

I have been learning some valuable lessons while embarking on my own personal journey to success. I have learned that it is human that we all struggle at times with obstacles and living in the deconstructive reality of "I can't, I won't, so I don't do this!"  This energy is based on fear and urgency and we can easily live here with comfort.   This reality even though this place might be … [Read more...]

Brighton Personal Trainer Explains How Lifting Weights Can Help You Run Faster

Whether you run 5Ks, marathons or just try to beat your personal best every time you head out the door, shaving seconds off your time is always the plan. Doing so, however, is often easier said than done. There are some little tricks that can go a long way when those seconds do matter. Perhaps one of the easiest ways runners in Brighton can shave time off their finishes involves simple … [Read more...]