Rethinking your coffee creamer – Lose the weight

Rethink Your Coffee Creamer and Lose the Weight Can you imagine drinking ½ a cup of sugar water a day? I have recently brought on a client who drinks 4 cups of coffee a day with at least ¼ cup of his favorite flavored coffee creamer in each cup.  He even said to me the first time we met that "it is more like drinking a little coffee in my creamer".    Now as soon as he said this the … [Read more...]

Drink to your health: The benefits of water

Maintaining good health requires more than exercise, rest and eating right. If you want to see real results, you also have to raise a glass (or several) to your health each and every day. The contents of those glasses, however, matter a great deal. While low-sugar juices and an occasional pop aren’t likely to do you any harm, it takes only water to fuel up right. Why water? There … [Read more...]

How To Boost Your Flexibility

No this is not Beth trying to push over this beam it is a calf stretch important to stretching the back of the leg through the feet. A high degree of flexibility is something most of us are born with, but tend to lose over time. The unfortunate thing is that low flexibility can sideline physical activity and increase chances for injury, weight gain and even health concerns down the road. If … [Read more...]

Fruit On The Go, EverFit Personal Training in Brighton Settles The Snack Debate

Eating healthy isn’t always easy. This is especially so when your schedule demands that you be out of the house and away from healthy options on a regular basis. One of the worst times of day when you happen to be on the go happens to be snack time. So, what can you do to get a little mid-morning or late-afternoon pick me up without breaking your diet? Consider bringing along a few pieces of … [Read more...]

EverFit Owner & Personal Trainer in Brighton: Beth Rzendzian in the Press!

  TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN PDF FORMAT CLICK HERE!! Beth Argus Free Press Feb 20, 2013   EverFit Personal trainer and owner Beth Rzendzian was featured in the Press and Argus FEB 20, 2013! "I am very fortunate and grateful to have been featured in this article, says Beth Rzendzian.   I am thankful to have provided valuable insight into the benefits of having a personal … [Read more...]

Pre-Season Golf Checklist: Are You Ready?

Article written by Beth Rzendzian of EverFit Personal Training, LLC - 2014 Golf season is only weeks away!  Are you doing what you need for a fun, successful, and injury free year?  Doing a little homework to prep for your golf game will put you way ahead of the “game” this season! Here are 5 steps to take to get your Swing Ready for Spring! Fitness – Conditioning Equipment … [Read more...]

Get Those 6 Pack Abs Without Causing Injury

  Dreaming of having tight, six-pack abs that turn heads? If so, exercising is a great place to start. Be careful though, overdoing it can cause injury and might sideline plans to lose weight and improve muscle tone and strength. Believe it or not, too much of a good thing can be bad. Avoid overworking the abs and use a smarter, more controlled routine for crafting the desired … [Read more...]

Get Ready for a 5K Race the Healthy Way

Share Get widget Get Ready for a 5K Race the Healthy Way When it’s time to lose weight and get into shape, running is a fantastic hobby to pick up. Runners build endurance, burn calories and can greatly reduce their stress levels. A 5K race is the perfect length for beginners to select to take their running out of the solo arena and put it into a group … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Make Fruit a Part of the Routine

EverFit Personal Training's owner Beth Rzendzian believes that most people know they need to eat more fruit in their regular diet. Knowing and DOING, however, are two very different things. Fortunately there are some very easy ways to work more fruit into your daily routine. The trick lies in making this healthy and tasty snack more available. If it’s time to add better foods into the diet to … [Read more...]

Personal Trainers in Brighton Report What To Look For In a Fitness Routine

Your best friend hires two personal trainers in Brighton, works out six days a week, looks great and is almost ready for that upcoming marathon. You’re ready to start working out, but that routine sounds too intense to meet your tastes. How can you select a fitness routine that fits you, your lifestyle and your personal physical abilities?The key lies in selecting a routine that does, in … [Read more...]

Striking the Right Balance – Food, Activity and Attitude

Striking the Right Balance – Food, Activity and Attitude  Getting into shape, losing weight and developing a healthy, happy self-image is a journey that will not happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to reach goals and make sure the efforts made result in lasting change. So, how can you sustain yourself for the long-haul and keep your attitude positive to ensure success? There … [Read more...]

Rethinking Your New Years Resolution: Make Stress Reduction Your Highest Priority

How Stress Can Hurt Your Weight Loss Efforts If you’ve been trying to eat right to lose weight, but haven’t seen the results you’re after it might be time to check your stress levels. Stress, if left to its own devices, can harm your chances of successfully shedding pounds and reaching your goals. It can also cause a host of other problems you don’t want to deal with! So, why is stress a … [Read more...]

10 Best Foods for Your Heart

Simple food choices go a long way when it comes to your heart's health. Focusing on fresh foods full of heart-healthy fats and antioxidants can decrease your risk of developing heart disease and cut your chances of a heart attack. These 10 foods will help keep your ticker in top shape. Oatmeal Start your day with a steaming bowl of oats, which are full of omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and … [Read more...]

Be The Healthy Role Model For Your Family

Childhood obesity, underage drinking, smoking and failure to exercise are all concerns for parents these days. If you want your kids to adopt a healthier, wiser lifestyle, you are going to have to show them the light. Children often learn best by example. Lead and they will likely follow. How can you set the example and get them off on the right foot if your habits aren’t that great? Consider … [Read more...]

Think Before You Eat for Brighton Weight Loss

If you learn to think before you eat, you will achieve Brighton weight loss by making the right choices.  When you eat foods simply because you like them without regard for their nutritional content, it is easy to choose foods that are not good for your body.  Losing weight doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience when you learn how to choose healthy and tasty foods with high nutritional … [Read more...]