Alisa Shakespear – Breaking Limits – Personal Training in Brighton

Alisa Shakespear is breaking limits  for woman strength training over 50. She is full of life, strength, and vitality and has big goals for herself over the next 2 years. Read and watch her bust out a pull up and testimony below! "I would recommend Everfit to anyone that is hoping not only get into shape or improve their current fitness levels but also to anyone that is just … [Read more...]

Melissa Alfrey is Empowered & Has Her Spark Back

“After having two kids back to back my body was a wreck. I felt exhausted, weak and chubby.   I knew I needed to work hard to get my body back, but I didn't know how. I had never really been one to work out much and I was also afraid of hurting myself. Having two cesareans left me feeling fragile and broken. I needed help, so I joined EverFit. The trainers here helped me define my goals and worked … [Read more...]

Shirlene Peavler’s Testimonial for Weight Loss

Get widget Shirlene's True Testimony of Weight Loss This is a story of a young woman who went from a weight of 218# to 165# through her commitment and dedication.  She was not an EverFit client but she is my Best Friend and I wanted her to share her story with you.  This is a story of true weight loss and personal weight loss change.   Enjoy!  My name is Shirlene Peavler and I am ready … [Read more...]

Bob G. Loses Total of over 50lbs Working with EverFit Personal Training In Brighton

  Meet Bob G.!  He is a client who has persevered and surpassed each goal he has set from the first time he set foot in my Power Circuit Saturdays group fitness class.  He is determined to stay healthy and fit through the knowledge he has acquired through EverFit Personal Training in Brighton and LHF programs. Bob has been such a joy to train in EverFit and LHF group fitness classes. … [Read more...]

The Start of My Food Sensitivity Discovery Experiment

Alright my friends, family, clients and fellow Facebook and twitter followers.   As promised I have started my food experiment as seen on ivillage - Always Tired? Stomach Upset? Try This Diet to Find Your Food Sensitivities. WHERE DID I START AND WHY FOCUS ON FOOD SENSITIVITIES? Last month I decided that I would embark on a food sensitivity experiment to find out about how food affects my … [Read more...]

I lost 3% of body fat!

My name is Karen Flowerday and I am 52 years old.  Beth taught a small group training class that included myself and three other ladies.  She challenged all of us and made it fun at the same time!  Beth pushed me further than I thought I could go, making my/our workouts both rigorous and exciting.  I saw changes in my body that I thought weren't possible at my age! I lost 3% of body fat, gained … [Read more...]

Partnering with Beth will keep you for Ever-Fit!

“My name is Lisa Kennedy and I started a fitness plan with Beth over two years ago. I was working with another personal trainer and she moved out of state for part of the year, so she recommended Beth take over my training. I am 42 years old and continue to lead a very active lifestyle although with trying to balance a demanding career and motherhood a fitness program tends to get moved from … [Read more...]

I find Beth to be very knowledgeable about all aspects of physical fitness!

“I have tried to become and remain physically fit and active many times during my 56 years.  It never lasted long.  Either I would overtrain and hurt myself and get disgusted, or I would simply lose interest.  That changed when I began training with Beth.   In January, Beth started coming into my home.  We started out at a pace that fit my age and abilities.  Since then, I have made tremendous … [Read more...]

Having Beth as my trainer really helped me!

"Having Beth as my trainer really helped me to focus on eating healthy & setting goals to improve my overall fitness" ~ Julie D. … [Read more...]

I have had many trainers in the past but Beth is the best I have ever had!

“I first met and trained with Beth in the early spring of 2008.  My initial reason for training was for my first triathlon. I was fortunate enough to pick the right trainer, Beth Rzendzian.  She has been educationally trained by way of degree in the physiology of the body.   She can not only educate you as to which of the muscles you are utilizing during a workout but understands why your body … [Read more...]

Beth is the best trainer we have ever had!

"Beth is the best trainer we have ever had. She is truly a professional trainer. Each work out was thought out by her in advance and there was a reason for each exercise. Our lives have changed for the better! We appreciate the fact the she would offer a variety of exercises as opposed to the same old workout routine. I would highly recommend her – you will see positive results soon after you … [Read more...]

I highly recommend Beth as a trainer, no matter what your goal may be!

"I experienced great strides in my personal fitness goals while working with Beth. She made a tremendous difference!  After a few weeks with her help, I was looking forward to my workouts.  My mental health and my physical well being had improved, and it has continued to improve.  Beth is clear and precise, she teaches proper free weight handling, body positioning, and stretching instructions … [Read more...]

Carolyn L. Loses 25lbs and Keeps it Off After Becoming a Mom!

"Beth was the first trainer (of several) who designed an achievable workout plan around my interests, my schedule, and my goals. Because of this, I enjoyed the exercises we chose and I exceeded my goal for the first month. Beth is personally invested in each of her clients and I loved sharing my accomplishments with her." ~ Carolyn L. Brighton, Mother of 2 Carolyn started with EverFit … [Read more...]

Beth has been an inspiration!

“Beth has been an inspiration to achieve my goals in fitness.    Through her guidance, my level of strength has greatly increased, while loosing pounds and inches.  The health benefits are invaluable.”   ~ Jeanne L. … [Read more...]

Beth is both professional and fun to work with!

“When we started working out we decided to hire a trainer.  We just wanted a routine for working out, because we weren’t sure where to start.  We did not think we really needed much help.  After hiring Beth we realized the working out was anything but routine.  With Beth it is different every week, which has made the workouts more fun us.  One time we even had a workout in the pool. When we … [Read more...]