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Those that are getting ready to start a new fitness in Brighton program may be tempted to avoid using exercise equipment for a variety of reasons. Buying an exercise machine or joining a gym can be expensive, and there is a common misconception that people can attain the same amount of exercise without them. The truth is there are clear advantages of incorporating exercise equipment into your fitness in Brighton program. In this article, we’ll take a look at different kinds of exercise machines and why incorporating different machines in your fitness program can help you reach your fitness goal.

Free Weights

We often think of free weights as dumbbells, but free weights can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small hand held weights to medicine balls. Free weights help in strength training and can also help improve balance, as all the muscles in the body are needed to maintain balance while lifting. However, concentrating on specific muscles can be a challenge with free weights. While it is true that there are those that prefer to use free weights in their workouts as opposed to strength training machines, these types of machines have their advantages as well.

Strength Training Machines

Weight machines typically have a stack of weights attached to a pulley, which then can be lifted by pushing or pulling. Strength training machines are generally considered to be safer and easier to use than free weights and are great for those just starting on their fitness program. Because machines typically only work on one specific part of the body at a time, they are also ideal for those that are recovering from injury and need to build up strength. Machines also make sure that the correct movements are used, as opposed to the cheating that can occur with free weights, such as using momentum instead of muscle to lift weights. Your fitness in Brighton program can and should include free weights and strength training machines to maximize results.

Cardio Machines

Cardiovascular machines are used to increase the heart rate, which can help improve the health of the heart and burn fat. These machines can mimic the motions of walking, running, bicycling, climbing stairs as well as other disciplines. It can be argued that actually doing these actions instead of relying on machines is better, but the machines do have clear advantages, such as being able to easily monitor your progress. Most cardio machines feature a display screen that can monitor the heart rate, “distance” traveled, or calories burned. Another advantage is that your fitness in Brighton program can always continue, even if it’s raining or snowing.

Vary Your Routine for Better Results

The best fitness in Brighton programs will incorporate both cardio and strength training to maximize their advantages and result in better fitness for the whole body. While cardio machines are excellent for burning fat and getting the heart pumping, the strength training will help maintain all the benefits of the cardio workout. When designing your fitness routine, be sure to incorporate both cardio and strength training, which will help you realize your fitness goals in a faster and healthier way.


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