Free Detox Workshop


“Pipes clogged”?

 You are invited to a FREE Detox Workshop &

 Inside-Out Transformation Challenge

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Do you feel like your “plumbing” is backed up?  Symptoms like difficulty losing weight, fatigue, irregularity, nasal congestion, acid indigestion, bloating, and getting sick frequently may indicate it is time to clean out “the pipes”.

In this workshop, you will learn how a detox can jumpstart your metabolism, how using food, supplementation, and fitness as tools to “unclog the pipes” and improve your gastrointestinal function.  You will take home tips to start detoxifying your body and your life.

 **You can also sign up for the 21-Day Inside-Out Transformation Challenge**


Monday – APRIL  14th  7:00PM @ Brighton Chamber of Commerce Building

 218 East Grand River, Brighton, MI 48116


The benefits of a detox and cleansing are:

              • Reduce Candida
              • Healthier skin
              • Healthier Liver = better fat metabolism
              • Balanced immune system
              • More energy
              • Internally cleanse

As winter is almost over, spring forward and detoxify.  After all, you wouldn’t send the Roto- Rooter man to the basement with a damp sponge to clean out clogged pipes.


To find out more and to register for this workshop,

contact Beth Rzendzian at 517-376-1400

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