Gluten Free Lasagna with Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Mushrooms, and Sage

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Wow this recipe was delicious and a light version of the original.  With brown rice lasagna noodles (you can’t even tell the difference)  you are eliminating chance for indigestion, foggy brain, and/or inflammation responses from gluten sensitivities.  Rice tends to be a grain that is more gentle on an overtaxed GI tract.  It’s definitely lighter than the original recipes out there  – 1/2 the calories, 1/3 the fat, 1/2 the sodium, and high in protein.  It proves to be a great alternative with the sweet cherry tomatoes and herbs and spices.  If you aren’t a fan of sage omit it and just use basil and oregano (fresh preferred).  It was a hit with the Mr. in my life as well which is always a plus.  For even lighter recipe omit the low fat ricotta and use cottage cheese.  We didn’t miss the meat either as the mushrooms added a nice bulk that meat provides.  I sliced mine but you can chop it up nice and thin as well.

Meijer – Organic Mini Bella Mushrooms, 1 container (12 mushrooms (2 oz) ea.)
Earthbound Farm – (Organic) Baby Spinach, 212.5 g / 2 cups
Nature Sweet – Cherub Cherry Tomatoes, 2 container (45 tomatoes ea.)
Onions – Raw, 1 large
Meijer – Low-Fat Ricotta Cheese, 1 3/4 cup
Fresh Herb – Sage Leaves, 2 tbsp
Herbs, Homegrown – Flat-Leaf Parsley (Fresh), 4 Tbsp chopped (3.8 g)
Generic – Fresh Garlic Clove, 8 Clove (3.0 g)
Mccormick – Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, 1 tsp (.32g)
Spice Classics – Italian Seasonings, 3 TSP
Meijer – Low Moisture Part Skim Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, 2 cup
Sartori – Gold Bellavitano Cheese, 1.5 ounce – (optional – Shredded)
Del Grosso – Tomato Basil Sauce, 1 1/4 cup
Tinkyada – Lasagne Brown Rice Pasta, 9 noodles(92 grams) (COOKED)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees – SERVES 12

In a large frypan put 1TBS olive oil 4 cloves of garlic sliced 1/2 of the onion and cherry tomatoes. Cook for apprx 10 minutes until the tomatoes start to split and release juices. Put aside in bowl

Cook 10 lasagna noodles in large pot with small amount of oil and salt (optional) – I always add one extra noodle just in case for a spare.

Meanwhile while the noodles are cooking place remaining 1TBS oil, 1/2 Onion, 4 garlic cloves, and mushrooms in pan. Add crushed red pepper flakes to taste. I generally just shake a bit on top for a little heat. When mushrooms begin to release liquid and onions are opaque add all the spinach and stir consistently until the spinach starts to wilt about 1/2 way. Turn off heat and put aside in another bowl.

While the above veggies are cooking you can prepare the ricotta layer in a medium bowl. Mix ricotta cheese, sage, parsley and dry italian seasoning in a bowl along with 1/ 2 of the Gold Bellavitano Cheese. Mix thoroughly.

Get out a large square glass backing dish. Add small amount of pasta sauce to bottom. Add 3 cooked lasagna noodles to the bottom of the dish, spread 1/2 of the ricotta filling over layer, add1/2 of the mushroom and 1/2 of the tomato mixture evenly on top of noodles. Add a light sprinkle of mozzarella cheese to layer.

Layer another 3 lasagna noodles on top of layer and almost 1/2 of all other ingredients save just a bit for the top layer (optional) including a layer of marinara sauce.

Top with the last layer with 3 final layers of noodles followed by remainder of pasta sauce and cheese.

Cover with aluminum foil, and bake for 20-23 minutes (this was fine for this lasagna everything is already cooked) then broil with lasagna uncovered 3-4 minutes until golden brown – (make sure to watch the broiling process as not to burn the topping.

Cut into 12 servings and enjoy with a nice big vegetable salad or soup for a light, delicious, and gluten free lasagna.

Ingredients Calories Carbs  Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
 Serves 12   2,656   285  100  167  3,612 55 
 1 Serving  221  24  8  14  301  5


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