I have had many trainers in the past but Beth is the best I have ever had!

“I first met and trained with Beth in the early spring of 2008.  My initial reason for training was for my first triathlon. I was fortunate enough to pick the right trainer, Beth Rzendzian.  She has been educationally trained by way of degree in the physiology of the body.   She can not only educate you as to which of the muscles you are utilizing during a workout but understands why your body reacts the way it does to certain stresses and strains of working out and of day-to-day living.  For my triathlon, Beth would keep track of the type of exercising I did for the week, provide me with nutritional information and come up with new and interesting workout regimes each time we met.   For the record, I have had many trainers in the past but Beth is the best I have ever had. After my triathlon I have continued with utilizing Beth’s services, it is the best thing and use of $’s I have ever invested in-myself. If I did not keep up with training after my triathlon I am afraid I would fall off the wagon and not keep up with my resistance training.  Even though I should be cutting back with extra-curricular activities in these tough economic times, I won’t give up my workouts! Beth is the best trainer you will find-and that is a fact.” 

~ Debra J. – 2008

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