I lost 3% of body fat!

My name is Karen Flowerday and I am 52 years old.  Beth taught a small group training class that included myself and three other ladies.  She challenged all of us and made it fun at the same time!  Beth pushed me further than I thought I could go, making my/our workouts both rigorous and exciting.  I saw changes in my body that I thought weren’t possible at my age! I lost 3% of body fat, gained 4.5 lbs of lean muscle, lost inches in my waist and abdomen (which I was thrilled with!) and inches through my thighs and arms.  The most important thing was how I felt!  I was strong and I felt in control.  I was able to push myself further than I thought I was capable of.  Beth kept every workout fresh and new.  We did exercises that I didn’t know existed!  (and I work in the health industry!)  She challenged as a whole and individually.  If one person had a particular area that was bothering them, Beth took the time to address the issue and give them some extra attention.  Beth would also give us handouts with health and exercise information a check list to make sure were not sabotaging ourselves at home.  Beth sent us information, through email, on helpful tips about exercising all the way to healthy lifestyle issues.  I would recommend Elizabeth Rzendzian to anyone who wants to get in shape, have fun and learn a few things along the way.  You won’t be disappointed!

~ Karen F.

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