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  • Choose your Resolution Goal(s) –

Be specific –

Be specific.  One of the primary reasons why resolutions fail is because they are a statement not a specific goal.   At EverFit we encourage clients to keep the goals specific.  If your goals is to lose a significant amount of weight then set goals that will naturally move you towards that overall goal.  People that are fit live a significantly different lifestyle than those who are unfit and overweight.  Instead of saying “I am going to be healthier” say “I am going to lose weight by choosing to eat 3 more servings of fruits and vegetables and get 7-8 hours of sleep each night”.  Write down your goal and start to adopt these habits into your life. Choose 1-2 steps (some people can do 3 if they are naturally driven and not forcing the goal) at a time to conquer each day and stick with it up to a month until it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth. Remember to celebrate and take time to feel the benefits of living in optimal health. Choose to keep these habits in your lifestyle as you feel and celebrate the benefits that come with achieving and living in optimal health.


  • Apply the KISS Principle –

Keep ISimple Sexy!  Simplicity keeps insanity at bay. LOL 😉 EverFit empowered clients follow this principle because what usually happens when we set goals is we overachieve.  We get excited, we decide it is time to change, and so we decide on 5 different resolutions, or goals that we want to achieve.   What happens is that we spread ourselves out thin and then set ourselves up for failure.  You see, when we have too much to focus on we often will fall into obstacles of distraction or confusion that keep us from achieving our goals.   You will be more successful if you choose only 1 or 2 goals at the most.  Then you can start doing empowered goal planning (Transformational Empowerment Practice) a significantly different way to goal achievement.  There is no forcing a goal here.  It is all about desired based achievement and powerful action. Think of it as running the race at a very achievable pace with very little overwhelm, feeling good, and naturally approaching the finish line.

  • Give Yourself Time to Achieve Your Goal –

Another important thing to remember in your resolution setting process is to create an achievable timeline for your goal.   When we get excited about change we often want it to happen “next week” or even “next month”.  Remember most of our poor lifestyle habits and weight gain happened over several months and even years. When we do not see the final goal by this time we get frustrated, burned out, and give up.   There are steps that have to be accomplished along the way and it might take 6 months to a year to reach your goal.  Be patient and know that your timeline should provide a challenge but not set you up for feeling like a failure because the timeline was not practical.


  • Create the Action Plan

The next step is to create the steps that you will do to reach your overall goal.  If your goal is to “Lose 50lbs in 6 months” then it is best to know that healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs per week.  So you have 24 weeks to lose 50lbs if you lose 2lbs each week consecutively you will lose 48lbs.  Just remember that usually there are plateaus along the way; with weight loss there usually is.  To keep a challenge you might decide 8 months might be more achievable and will allow for a couple of weeks, holidays, and light splurges to allow for 1 or 1.5lb  losses.

Establish the timeline you are confident in for your to accomplish your goal.  Create a checklist so you can cross off what you have accomplished and celebrate each accomplishment along the way.   Choose each day the top activities you want to do that will help you achieve your overall goal, write them down, and write down the accomplishments each day.  We tell our clients, “It isn’t the top of the mountain that counts, it is the look out points along the path to the top that are just as beautiful.” We know you desperately want to feel good and reach that end goal weight and we are confident you will get there, but do not forget to experience the enjoyment. A personal trainer, empowerment, or wellness coach is a great teammate to help you set an achievable timeline and action plan as well as provide support to keep you accountable along the way.


  • Visualize Yourself Living Life After Meeting Your Goal

Many people miss this step.   When we try to promote any change in our lives we think of what we do not want, like, or trust. We also think of what we should not be doing or what we are trying to change.  This focus makes it very hard to achieve your goal because it is subconsciously sabotaging us. In empowerment training we call visualization, “constructive daydreaming”.   Visualization creates images and feeling affecting neuropathways in the brain that make it easier for the subconscious to “get rid” of our bad habit. (Of course this is not the scientific explanation but you get the picture.)

Start by sitting, closing your eyes and creating a picture in your mind.  Imagine yourself living with the characteristics of the person you want to be and align yourself with whatever your goal entails; perhaps living like a healthy and fit individual or someone strong and without pain. Let your imagination create the images. After the daydream quickly recall and write down what you daydreamed about including the environment, what you were doing, what qualities your possessed, and who else was involved.

If your goals is to lose weight, think of what will you be like when you lose the weight?  What will you be doing instead of going out and drinking?  What will it look like spending more time with your family?   When you are working out, imagine yourself lifting heavier weights, making it to the end of your sets with more strength.

Seeing yourself in the position of meeting your goal will make connections in the brain making it feel like you have actually accomplished the goal.  Many successful people practice setting the goals and visualizing in vivid detail how it will be like when they accomplish it. It will make it much easier to achieve your goals this year.  Stephen Covey calls this “Beginning with the end in mind” in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.   I highly recommend getting the digital MP3 version of this book as the print version can seem dry to read. You can also join an EverFit exclusive Transformational Empowerment group to learn the steps and start living your life in optimal health.

About the Author:

Beth Rzendzian is the owner of EverFit Personal Training in Brighton Michigan, Brighton’s premier fitness and fat loss expert.  If you’re ready to begin your fat loss journey please call 517-376-1400 right now to receive a complimentary nutrition and fitness Consultation (valued at $70).

If you’re not yet ready for our free consultation offer, please visit to instantly download 6 Reports that will give you all you need to know to get started towards your new and fit life!



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