Partnering with Beth will keep you for Ever-Fit!

“My name is Lisa Kennedy and I started a fitness plan with Beth over two years ago. I was working with another personal trainer and she moved out of state for part of the year, so she recommended Beth take over my training.

I am 42 years old and continue to lead a very active lifestyle although with trying to balance a demanding career and motherhood a fitness program tends to get moved from my priority list. I turned to a personal trainer to help me maintain muscle tone and lose weight as well as a form of stress relief. In my 20s and 30s weight loss was never an issue although being in my early 40s I have found it doesn’t come off as easy as in the past.

Beth has created a plan for me that works with my hectic schedule and has implemented a program that allows me to maximize my workouts without agitating injuries from my many years of multiple sports activities. Our partnership has allowed us to analyze my eating habits, exercise routine and the importance of properly cooling down and stretching. Imagine my amazement when we checked my BMR and reviewed my eating journal and I was not eating enough calories in a day. The program we have created has allowed me to lose inches and maintain a healthy weight for my 53 frame.

My experience to date with Beth continues to be filled with encouragement, healthy eating tips and innovative ways to juggle everyday life and build a fitness program to meet my needs. Partnering with Beth will keep you for Ever-Fit.

~ Lisa Kennedy

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