Pre-Season Golf Checklist: Are You Ready?

Article written by Beth Rzendzian of EverFit Personal Training, LLC – 2014

Golf season is only weeks away!  Are you doing what you need for a fun, successful, and injury free year?  Doing a little homework to prep for your golf game will put you way ahead of the “game” this season!

Here are 5 steps to take to get your Swing Ready for Spring!

  1. Fitness – Conditioning

  2. Equipment Clean Up and Maintenance

  3. Skill Building Prep

  4. Wardrobe

  5. Friendly Foursome

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Prepare the body for all the movement that it will be doing this season.   The golf swing is powerful and it takes control and mind-body connection.

  • Get with a fitness trainer or a CLINIC to prepare the mind body connection and create a stronger and controlled game.
  • Flexibility and cardio play a huge factor in preparation.   Interval training prepares the body for the powerful drive, flexibility of the shoulders and torso help in controlling the tempo of the swing.

Equipment Clean Up and Maintenance

It is funny how fast things can accumulate in our golf bags, clean it up, and get some equipment that will help your game this season.

  • Get new grips – you should get them about every 2-3 years
  • Re-spike golf shoes
  • Get fitted by a GOLF PRO.  Many golf courses and shops have specialized equipment to fit you based on height, weight, posture, swing, tempo all play a roll in making a sound investment in clubs that will make your game more pleasurable and effective.
  • Toss out old balls or use them at the driving range or hit in the backyard
  • Consider adding hybrids to your bag
  • Bring in your Irons and Wedges in for a tune up: get them bent to correct loft for yardage control

Skill Building

It’s time to start practicing and developing your golf skills.   We all know that golf is more about the drive.  It is about control in the short game.   Golf is an incredible game of muscle memory.  To improve it takes practice, repeating a correct movement over and over and over until the muscles automatically remember the motion.

  • Get with a PRO or join a CLINIC in your area to develop your skills
  • Develop a few key techniques to practice
  • Designate 15-30 minutes daily to improving your skill and you will see a huge difference this season.


It’s is proven that when we feel good in what we wear it affects our mood and performance.  From strength training at the gym to playing out on the green if we look good, feel good, and wear comfortable clothing for weather and conditions it can positively affect our performance.   Are you comfortable in all your gear?

  • Sweat wicking garments
  • Chili Pad towels
  • Visors and hats
  • Sun glasses and UV clothing
  • Comfortable fitting pants and shorts
  • Rain resistant jackets and hats
  • Wearing colors you enjoy and that create energy for you

Friendly Foursome

Get your “friendly” foursome together now.  Start recruiting your regular golf  “buddies” today.

  • Take a lesson or CLINIC together so that you can practice the advice and tips of what the instructor gave you and reiterate what was taught.
  • Contact a TRAINER  that’s right for you  and Join a golf fitness training group together then work out together throughout the week to get your fitness “up to par”.


Beth Rzendzian is expert personal trainer and owner of EverFit Personal Training and EverFit Training Studio in Brighton bringing fitness to you in your home in Livingston County Michigan.   Interested in a golf clinic??  You can join us starting March 17th TUESDAYS at EVERFIT PERSONAL TRAINING!   No membership and new clients welcome.


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