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Speakers and Topics


Chuck Dodge • Making The Connection – EMCEE

“Learning to Promote You, Express Yourself Enthusiastically”

What you can expect to take away:

8 STEPS for Promoting “You” :  Find Optimal Health, Peace of Mind, and Financial Plenty

Your Sneak Peak Top 4: 

    • The Power of Spoken Word (Hold Back & Move Forward Words)
    • Minimize STRESS (dis-tress) In your LIFE
    • Creating a daily ritual
    • Use the Slight Edge Technique (SET) to transform your life
    • PLUS 4 MORE!

Beth Rzendzian, BS, CPT, CNS • EverFit Personal Training, LLC

“Promoting Change –  Goal Setting for Physical Wellness”

What you can expect to take away:

6 Steps to Setting Goals and Following Through to Improve your Physical Fitness

    • Knowing what it really means to be physically fit
    • Avoiding the “FIX IT” Approach
    • Identify Your Desire for Change and Moving Towards Change
    • Setting “SMART” Goals, Vision, Action Plan
    • AND 2 MORE

Darci Noonchester, MS, RD • Nourishing Ways Center

“Achieving Weight Loss With Food”

What you can expect to take away:

    • Learn to apply small changes to their diet as soon as you get back home
    • Learn about how foods we eat that we think are healthy keep us from losing weight
    • Learn what causes inflammation and how we can fix it through food

Carl Gunderson, BS, CPT, CYI • Simply Holistic Fitness, LLC

“Understanding Our Spiritual Self – Life Force Energy”

What you can expect to take away:

    • Discover 9 steps to greater peace harmony and happiness in your life
    • Understand 7 critical factors needed to “balance” your daily relationship with time
    • Learn how your true essential nature is bright beautiful wholeness through your mind, body,  and spirit connection to source

Sue Stevenson, BS, CPI, CPT • Core-fit Personal Training

“Building a Healthy Spine”

What you can expect to take away:
    • 3 Steps to strengthen the spine to maintain height with aging
    • 3 Steps to improve your posture
    • Increasing torque for a more powerful golf swing
    • Creating spinal flexibility
    • Strengthen the spine to maintain your Chiropractic adjustment longer

Jackie Walton • Welcome 2 Your New Home

 “Organized to Help You Move Forward”

What you can expect to take away:

    • 6 Steps to organizing your life today
    • Top 10 sayings that keep you dis-organized
    •  Becoming organized is a process
    •  Avoid an “all or nothing” approach
    •  Do you love it? Do you need it? Does it have a very high sentimental value?

Christopher Kostoff, MS, BA• Point B Living, Inc

 “The Power of Positive Relationships”

What you can expect to take away:

    • 3 Steps to shift the relationship you have with others
    • Accessing what you admire most in others in your relationships with others
    • How do healthy & unhealthy relationships affect physical wellness
    • Analyzing a stressful & unhealthy relationship and how to start using the 3 steps to shift a relationship with that person


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