Reality Check – Are you living in a destructive reality?

I have been learning some valuable lessons while embarking on my own personal journey to success.

I have learned that it is human that we all struggle at times with obstacles and living in the deconstructive reality of “I can’t, I won’t, so I don’t do this!”  This energy is based on fear and urgency and we can easily live here with comfort.   This reality even though this place might be comfortable is one of disempowerment.  This is the DESTRUCTIVE reality lacking in freedom, positive energy, and is a place to live and can keep us from living optimally and from goal achievement.

This is when what I call the energy draining blood sucking “leech” comes out, creating one to want to retreat from the stresses of circumstance and just stay in the comfort of what is safe, lacking in faith in the process of success, keeping one from the empowering, positive energy, CONSTRUCTIVE realm.

So it is my purpose from this point forward  (I encourage yourself to do the same ) to put the flame to the “leech” make it shrivel and die, to transfer oneself to the positive, constructive, energizing reality where passion meets purpose and where  “I CAN, I WILL, and so I DO”  exists.  I will live there and I will focus on the 100% belief that “I CAN, I WILL, and so IT WILL BE DONE”.   I  will accept no other alternative,  there is no bridge that will be created to the Destructive Reality anymore through the belief of  “Try, Hope, Have.”.   NO place for the “leech” to even latch onto.

I understand that when one is not used to taking the complete STAND of ” I WILL DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT” it is difficult, it feels uncomfortable, there might be a disbelief  but it CAN be done.  With persistent practice just like exercising and muscle growth,  even the smallest achievements and successes the WILL will grow, it will get easier, it will be done.  Strength will develop  and we will live and believe 100% in the power of “I WILL  Do”  because at this point there are no other alternatives.

I will take this STAND today to practice this on PURPOSE and I challenge you to take this stand with me!

I speak today (you can too and adopt this philosophy as I quote:

“I will start to live 100% in the “I WILL DO” constructive reality with even the smallest of successes by starting with giving gratitude today  to all my supporters, posting my goal and purpose on FB and asking for support, making a fine healthy meal when I get home, while that cooks I will work out,   I do this because I WILL  and so IT WILL BE DONE”.    I WILL practice and be mindful of living in the CONSTRUCTIVE REALITY and when I feel a shift and the “leech” starts to latch on, making me feel like I want to retreat to old ways, to living in disbelief, lack of faith, confidence, and disempowerment, I will burn the “LEECH” off, shifting my energy to where I WANT TO LIVE and WILL LIVE from this point forward.  I will live in this constructive place of being where  “I CAN, I WILL, and I DO”!   No alternative, no obstacles to overcome,  no stress, no fear, because I am in control and I can leverage the resources and opportunities to succeed. I TRUST, I BELIEVE, I CAN, I WILL, AND SO IT WILL BE DONE!”

Thank you to my personal coach Chris Kostoff of Point B Living for teaching me the Reality Quadrants so I can live and teach how to live in a Constructive Reality!  Yes we all need mentors and coaches in life always look for support from those that are experts to improve  and grow in your knowledge so that you too can become your best self.  

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