Rethinking your coffee creamer – Lose the weight

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Rethink Your Coffee Creamer and Lose the Weight

Can you imagine drinking ½ a cup of sugar water a day?


I have recently brought on a client who drinks 4 cups of coffee a day with at least ¼ cup of his favorite flavored coffee creamer in each cup.  He even said to me the first time we met that “it is more like drinking a little coffee in my creamer”.    Now as soon as he said this the sirens went off.

Here’s the skinny in summary  of what he was drinking:

640 calories in which ~50% is from fat including saturated fat (heart clogging hydrogenated oils).  Not to mention this equates to drinking 1/2 cup of sugar each day.   You might as well eat ½ a chocolate cake.

These are often hidden calories and fat that we do not think about when we are drinking our calories each day.  I am recommending right away that he reduce his intake, replace it with a healthier alternative, or try to go bare naked black.   Over time he can wean himself down to less and less or find something else to have in moderation.  As a treat once or twice a month he can have his creamer but it is sabotaging his efforts at weight loss and increasing blood sugar.

If that’s not bad enough look at the ingredients in the product:

Do you see cinnamon or vanilla in here? 


Remember anything hydrogenated should be removed from your diet about 95% of the time.   Once in a while in small amounts should not hurt but read the labels and remove it from your cart or cupboards.

Disodium Phosphate

Hazardous Health Effects

Disodium phosphate can cause irritation to your respiratory tract. Symptoms of this irritation include coughing and shortness of breath. Side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, heart disturbances, blood chemistry effects and central nervous system effects. Disodium phosphate also has the ability to sequester calcium in your body. Additionally, disodium phosphate can cause irritation, redness and pain to your skin and

Read more:



If you are going to go with creamer go with either a coconut milk creamer by So Delicious, skim milk, almond milk, or real creame, 1/2 and 1/2, with a little Splenda/stevia (still much sweeter than pure sugar which decreases your chances for changing your palate to enjoy natural flavors of sugar like from fruit for instance) or add real sugar and in moderation 1-3 tsp creamer and sugar max.  3 tsp sugars is pushing it per cup.  Honey, agave, or maple syrup are also alternatives to sugar that are natural but also should be in small quantities as they still raise blood sugar.

On another thought you would be better off to wean yourself off and go with sugar free (be careful these are generally much more sweet tasting meaning your palate will not change very easily) for a short time or go with pure black coffee if you drink on a regular basis.  Use your creamer as a treat you have occasionally not an everyday and every cup additive.

Your best bet is to start to wean yourself off slowly as your palate changes you will find you do not need all the sugar and fat anymore.

Remember this is your health, your body, and your goal.  Live healthy respect your body by consuming nutrient dense wholesome foods at least 85%-90% of the time.


Here’s the breakdown

The  Creamer

 Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 tbsp (15 g)  (4 TBS = ¼ Cup)

Per Serving

% Daily Value*

Calories 40

Calories from Fat 18   (45% calories from fat)

Total Fat 2.0g 3%

Sodium 5mg 0%

Carbohydrates 5.0g 2%

Sugars 5.0g  (4g = 1tsp sugar)

Read more: Calories in Coffee-Mate – Cinnamon Vanilla Crème, Liquid | Nutrition and Health Facts



¼ Cup = This is the least amount He added to each cup of  coffee 4 or more per day

160 calories

72 calories from fat (~50%)

8.0 g of Fat

8.0 g of Saturated Fat

20g carbohydrate from sugar no fiber to bind and slow down breakdown process of sugar in the blood

20g sugar (5 tsp sugar per ¼ cup)


Times this by 4 cups per day  and the total is:

640 empty calories

288 from fat –

32 g fat

32 g saturated artery clogging fat

80 grams of pure sugar carbohydrate

80 grams of sugar = 20 tsp of sugar

 1/2 Cup = 24 tsp sugar

You are drinking ½ cup of sugar per day and 50% of your calories being from fat where all are saturated.


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