Veggie Pesto “Noodless” Pasta with Shrimp EverFit


veggie pesto noodless pasta Photo 1:  EverFit Personal Training

This is a fantastic low fat, low carb, fresh and delicious dish.  It resembles noodles without the extra high glycemic noodles.   This is gluten free and a beautiful dish with lots of color and flavor.

Number of servings: Serves 4 people


Oil – Olive, 1 tablespoon
Onions – Raw, 0.5 large
Squash – Zucchini, includes skin, raw, 2 small
Yellow Summer Squash, 1/2 Cup
Shredded – Carrots, 1 cup raw
Ginger root – Raw, 2 tsp
Sunset Gourmet – Tomatoes, 1 container (3 cups ea.)
Parsley – Raw, 0.5 cup
Garlic – Raw, 3 clove
Buitoni – Pesto With Basil All Natural, 3 TBS (62g)
Meijer – Cocktail Shrimp 31-40 Tail-on, 0.5 container (15 oz.s ea.)


Place olive oil in a pan heated at medium heat

Cut Onions into thin slices

photo 1

Spiral cut Zucchini, Squash, and Carrot using the GEFU spiral cutter.  This will create the “noodles” of the dish

IMG_1513   IMG_1515

Place “noodle” mixture in pan and toss to coat with oil in pan

photo 2

Peel and dice ginger into small pieces add to mixture

Add 1/8 cup water to pan and cover with lid for 5-8 minutes

Meanwhile, chop parsley, garlic, and cut tomatoes in half

Add parsley and garlic to the mixture toss and recover mixture (2 minutes)

photo 3

Add shrimp and pesto to mixture and toss to coat with pesto sauce

photo 4

Cover and heat to desired tenderness of vegetable noodles.  I like mine al dente with a slight crunch.  Spoon out into bowls and enjoy.

photo 5veggie pesto noodless pasta

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